What is Car Footprints?

The Car Footprints adapter connects to your car and starts loging your trips automatically through your cell phone. You can access this information on the web anytime and use it to deduct thousands of dollars in taxes from medical trips, business realted trips, moving and charity. Or maybe you just want to keep an accurate trip record for your boss or your own company. This saves our customers in average 30 hours a year in tedious paperwork.  

Stop losing $6,000 a year

The average person drives about 13,376 miles (21,688 km) every year. You can deduct up to $0.56 per business trip mile, meaning the IRS can take back more than $6,000 for every year you do not correctly log your trips. Not in the business world? Deduct $0.23/mile medical or moving purposes and $0.14/mile for charitable service organizations.

Privacy Issues? Not with us

Wherever you drive, you will not be tracked by battery-consuming GPS.

Spend more time on things that matter most

What will you do with your extra 30 hours without tax-induced stress? On average, it takes around 30 hours a year to create an accurate trip record. It takes all the stress out of that end-of-the-year brain crunch when the accountant asks about mileage driven and why.

Car Footprints can pay itself in just 15 minutes every month

To cover the subscription of $10 a month, you need to drive just 18 miles (30 km). You're on your way toward saving thousands every year in tax deductions.